Book Five The Shadow Rises is published!

Yes, Book Five, the final installment in The Order of Shadows series, is here! The Shadow Rises was an epic book to write. I began back in darkest December, which perfectly suited the snowy, icy setting, and finished just as spring was stirring. And now it’s here, out in the world, the longest, darkest Morgan […]

The Shadow Rises!

Book five of The Order of Shadows is coming very, very soon, and in the meantime I thought I’d share the cover for The Shadow Rises, as well as a sneak-peek of this epic conclusion to The Order of Shadows. Here’s the first four chapters, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve […]

Dark City on Audible!

  I have some wonderful news to share today with readers of The Order of Shadows… Dark City is now avaiable on Audible! You can view the page and listen to a sample here: Dark City The narrator, Shawn Compton, did an amazing job of narrating as Morgan and perfectly captured his gritty voice, and […]

The Ghost’s Story

The Ghost's Story by Kit Hallows

I began plotting Book Four of The Order of Shadows almost as soon as I finished writing A Game of Witches. I love planning and structuring novels, but it means I’m not writing, and that means Morgan Rook is in stasis. Cryogenically frozen and waiting for his author assistant to tell his story. So I […]