The Ghost's Story by Kit Hallows

I began plotting Book Four of The Order of Shadows almost as soon as I finished writing A Game of Witches. I love planning and structuring novels, but it means I’m not writing, and that means Morgan Rook is in stasis. Cryogenically frozen and waiting for his author assistant to tell his story.
So I was at a loose end, creative writing wise. Thankfully a brand new story popped into my head, a story that straddles How To Kill A Witch and Dark City. A story that sees Morgan down on his luck and looking for a job, and then he finds a job… and heaven knows he’s in trouble now.
And thus, The Ghost’s Story was born.

Here’s the blurb:

Supernatural Detective Morgan Rook was already having a bad week and just when he thought it couldn’t get worse, it did.
Big time.

First there was the call, then the plea, and then came the ghost’s story, a tale of woe and horrifying, looming darkness. Of a woman in terrible danger trapped in a dark house crawling with creatures and restless shadows. Of a secret too terrifying to acknowledge.
And a monster the likes of which Morgan Rook has never seen…

Looking for some scares? You can get The Ghost’s Story right now on Amazon.


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