Urban Fantasy Author Kit Hallows

Welcome to my website and thank you for checking out my ‘About Me’ page. Originally I’m from London, England and I now live on a small island in the Pacific North West of the United States with my wife and our growing circus troupe of cats.

I mostly write novels on the darker, grittier side of Urban Fantasy. You’ll find plenty of high-octane thrills in my ‘Order of Shadows series’ and my worlds are full of magic, murderous vampires, undead assassins, twisted witches, feral werewolves, ghoulish corpse collectors, and the occasional drunken imp…
Or as I call it – Urban Fantasy with teeth.

Since The Order of Shadows, I published a book that sits somewhere between Fantasy and Urban Fantasy called Myth Bane, and if you enjoy horror novels, I also write under the pen name K Hallows and just published my debut horror novel Dead Season. You can find out more by clicking here.

I’m currently working on a few ideas, including a new trilogy set in the world of my debut novel, Dark City.
Thanks for visiting, I truly appreciate the support of readers. If you’d like to connect further you can contact me here , follow me on Facebook or connect with me on Twitter and Instagram