A Secret Coven. A Dark Ritual. A Terrible Curse. 

I was out on a rare night out with Willow, the woman I loved, when the call came. It was Erland Underwood, my boss at The Organization, and he had work for me.

Urgent work. Midnight work. The kind of work that wasn’t going to wait.

Date night was over, and soon I found myself in Stardim; the bleak magical prison where the Nightkind who break our laws are sent. And from there, hot on the trail of a witch called Elsbeth Wyght, leader of the Silver Spiral – a twisted coven who were about to turn my entire world upside down.


Wild magic. Secret pasts. Hidden worlds. Welcome to the Dark City.

My name’s Morgan Rook. I guess you could call me a Supernatural Detective. I’m the guy that takes out the trash and cleans up the messes people want to ignore. Mostly, it means I track down nightmares, demons, werewolves and whatever evil’s thrown my way.

There I was, set to leave that world behind. Retire, find a sunny beach with pretty women, a few stiff drinks, and a place to forget my troubles.
Talk about wishful thinking. See, I had one last job — eliminate a murderous vampire preying on the weak and helpless. And that was exactly when a gateway to hell opened and the bodies started piling up at my front door.

I was outgunned, outnumbered and right in the thick of it.
Just the way I like it.

But it didn’t take long to figure out something bigger was coming… A deadly plot hatched in another realm. One with the potential to destroy two worlds and everyone between them.


Stolen Magic. Rising Truths. Old Demons. Welcome to Copperwood Falls.

The dust had barely settled after my skirmish at Galloway Asylum and there I was looking forward to some downtime, maybe even a promotion. What I got instead was a covert assignment and an urgent warning from on high: Get out of the city. Vanish. Go underground.

So I did. And after a quick, or should I say bad trip down the wrong side of memory lane I found myself holing up in a sleepy rural town on a strictly cloak and dagger mission.
Copperwood Falls. Think rolling forested hills, white picket fences and lush apple pie – with a maggot wriggling under the crust.
A haunted town where the woods whisper at night and demons come calling. A place where the shadows are restless and almost nothing is as it seems.

Catching on to the town’s dirty little secrets didn’t take long, but I’d never imagined, not for one minute, exactly what opening the lid on that particular Pandora’s Box was going to bring…


New Evil. Relentless Vendettas. Deadly Games. Welcome back to the Dark City.

I returned to the city with one thing on my mind; find my nemesis and finish her. Nothing else mattered. Not the shadowy Organization I worked for. Not the Magic Council and their veiled threats. None of it.

Just me and the witch locked into one final dance.

But things weren’t exactly going to plan as I discovered a new, sinister threat. One that was trying to pry at the kind of locked doors that should never be opened, as well as driving a conspiracy to turn the entire world on its head.

With Halloween just around the corner, the veil was thinning, bringing darker nights and wild magic. And a terrible danger that would fast turn me from hunter to hunted as I raced toward the final round of a deadly end game.


A Devastating Plan. The Undead Rising. Worlds Ending.

I’d barely had time to recover from Elsbeth Wyght’s vicious game when the call from Detective Haskins came. This time a bank robbery with a difference… and of course nothing as it seemed.
With this turn of events I found myself thrust onto a shadowy trail that would lead me back to the asylum of my deepest nightmares and a desperate hunt for the truth amid a growing, cataclysmic danger.

Add to the mix an engineered virus threatening to turn half the city to zombies, a trip into a world straight out of a Grimm’s fairy tale, and a vicious, demonic conspiracy that would make the Silver Spiral’s plans seem like a cakewalk.
And always, just below the surface, my dark other. Stirring, plotting, waiting.
But for what?

Now, as the dead of winter looms, the vampires and demons of the Dark City are growing more restless than ever as they wait for the Shade to return. The evil force that brought hell to my city. The Shadow in the mirror.
The Ender of Worlds.


Two Worlds. Dark Magic Rising. The End Game.

Why is it always in the middle of the night? The call came in, an old friend, a harrowing problem and a fight to the death, literally. Then I found myself on a breakneck journey to a place I’d hoped I’d never have to see again. And that was before the real fireworks began.

Next up on the rollercoaster ride to hell; secret meetings, an occult hideout, and an army of the most sinister evil imaginable. And the battle to end all battles.

That was in this world, and it had nothing on what I was about to face in the next as I pursued my final enemy into the blackest of nights.


A covert mission. Forbidden Magic. A Dark Deception.

I knew the job was bad news from the start, but I had no choice but to go along with it. I was less than a few days from financial ruin and the wolves were at the door when the enigmatic Mr. Hope appeared with an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Next up, a trip to a mysterious, hidden part of the city, and a house that wasn’t what it seemed. And the kind of secrets I’d gratefully forget were it possible, along with a treasure no one in their right mind would seek and a betrayal more deadly than anything I’d ever faced.


A perilous mission. A team of unruly magic wielding misfits. A string of the worst luck you can imagine.

The name’s Abadare Glynt. Yes, really. I’ve been chewed up and spat out more times than a dog’s favorite bone, but I keep coming back for more. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as I’m an outcast, occasional detective, and all-round shadowy guy.

Things weren’t exactly going well, but I’d decided to see the glass as being half full, so when a beautiful woman with an ugly job fell into my lap, how could I refuse?


An unstoppable assassin. A portal to a forbidden land. A dark plot spun in a treacherous web.

The dust had barely settled after our last mission when the smuggler, and all round disturber of peace, Argyle Screed, found us a new one. It sounded simple enough… Of course it did.

I needed to skip town, anyway. The walls were closing in and an undead knight was hot on my heels, like some demented medieval terminator.

Soon, we found ourselves traveling through a forgotten portal to a strange place crawling with unimaginable dangers, possessed witches, supernatural monstrosities, and all kinds of dark magic.

But that was just the start of where it all went wrong, because there was a reckoning coming and it seemed the Nightkind weren’t finished with me. Far from it.


The final mission. A dark trip into Faerie. The End of the Beginning.

A deep shadow covered the city. Bad times were in the air. We’d barely settled after our previous adventures when our favorite ‘collector of forbidden things’, Argyle Screed, made a proposal we simply couldn’t refuse.

The mission? Escorting a dark, sinister entity named Mr. Shape to Faerie. Ah, Faerie… doesn’t it sound so quaint? I’d never set foot in a deadlier land.

As we battled monsters, both human and otherwise, the shadow of Evanora, the final of the dark triad of Nightkind, fell over us. Death surrounded us, and so did bloody vengeance. The question was; would it be ours or Evanora’s?