A Game of Witches by Kit Hallows
Are you ready to play A Game of Witches?
Yes, the brand new Morgan Rook novel is here! This is the third book in The Order of Shadows series and the biggest, darkest adventure yet!

You can read the blurb here:

New Evil. Old Vendettas. Deadly Games. Welcome back to the Dark City

Supernatural Detective Morgan Rook is back in the city and on the ropes after the cataclysmic events in Copperwood Falls. Amid the chaos raging in the streets, Morgan finds himself hot on the trail of his nemesis; the evil witch Elsbeth Wyght…
Until he discovers a monstrous threat to turn the entire world on its head.

With All Hallows Eve looming, Morgan fast becomes both hunter and hunted as a sinister shadow falls over the city. Evil magic sizzles in the air and the nights are growing darker. A game is being played… a hidden, terrible game. One that Morgan will have to do everything in his powers to win.

A Game of Witches is the third Morgan Rook novel in the Urban Fantasy Thriller ‘The Order of Shadows’ series.

If you enjoy dark, magical adventures, hard boiled action and high octane thrills, then you’ll love this new book from Kit Hallows, author of Urban Fantasy books with teeth!


So now A Game of Witches is published, I’m heading back to my study to begin outlining book four in this five book series.
And if you want to know when book four’s ready (and it has a fantastic cover by the way!), sign up below (and receive exclusive stories and chances to take place in upcoming giveaways):




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    1. Hi Sher, I don’t have an exact date for now, but the narrator, Shawn Compton is currently preparing to work on it. I hope this helps and as soon as it’s ready I’ll make an announcement 😀

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