A perilous mission. A team of unruly magic wielding misfits. A string of the worst luck you can imagine.

The name’s Abadare Glynt. Yes, really. I’ve been chewed up and spat out more times than a dog’s favorite bone, but I keep coming back for more. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as I’m an outcast, occasional detective, and all-round shadowy guy.

Things weren’t exactly going well, but I’d decided to see the glass as being half full, so when a beautiful woman with an ugly job fell into my lap, how could I refuse?

Hot on the heels of this momentously bad decision came a hell-raising heist, a murderous dimension hopping enchantress, and a spell on the loose with the potential to destroy half the city.
The good news… I was given a team to help me. The bad news… I was given a team to help me.

Soon our adventures would lead us to hordes of undead monsters, literal dream houses, and an evil conspiracy far worse than anything I’d ever faced.