The cover for Dark Covenant by Kit Hallows

Dark Covenant is the prequel short story exclusively written for fans of Dark City. Here’s the blurb:

A Secret Coven. A Dark Ritual. A Terrible Curse. 

Morgan Rook is on a date with the witch he loves, Willow, a gorgeous, wild, untamed spirit. One he hopes to marry.

But when Morgan’s boss at The Organization contacts him regarding a series of magical murders, the date is over.

Soon Morgan finds himself journeying to the terrifying magical prison, StarDim, hot on the trail of an evil, twisted sorceress.

And then the real trouble starts and soon he finds his world turned upside down.

How To Kill A Witch is the darkly explosive prequel to Dark City, a novella that will haunt readers with its thrilling tale of evil and revenge.

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