Get your free Urban Fantasy Novella – The Curse

The Curse by Kit Hallows

Are you ready for a new Urban Fantasy adventure? I’m in the process of writing (and publishing) a trilogy called ‘The Nightkind’. These books take place during the events of The Order Of Shadows, and I’ll share a lot more about them soon. To kick things off, I’ve also written a short novella called ‘The […]

Myth Bane!

The cover for Myth Bane by Kit Hallows

It’s almost here; Myth Bane the first book in my new ‘Waking Legends’ series! I’m really excited, and hope you will have as much fun with the adventure as I did conjuring up this new dark fantasy world. Read on below for the first four chapters, and I’ll be posting more to my blog and […]

The Ghost’s Story

The Ghost's Story by Kit Hallows

I began plotting Book Four of The Order of Shadows almost as soon as I finished writing A Game of Witches. I love planning and structuring novels, but it means I’m not writing, and that means Morgan Rook is in stasis. Cryogenically frozen and waiting for his author assistant to tell his story. So I […]