An unstoppable assassin. A portal to a forbidden land. A dark plot spun in a treacherous web.

The dust had barely settled after our last mission when the smuggler, and all round disturber of peace, Argyle Screed, found us a new one. It sounded simple enough… Of course it did.

I needed to skip town, anyway. The walls were closing in and an undead knight was hot on my heels, like some demented medieval terminator.

Soon, we found ourselves traveling through a forgotten portal to a strange place crawling with unimaginable dangers, possessed witches, supernatural monstrosities, and all kinds of dark magic.
But that was just the start of where it all went wrong, because there was a reckoning coming and it seemed the Nightkind weren’t finished with me. Far from it.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. This one was frostier than the grave.