The cover for Myth Bane by Kit Hallows

I’m very pleased to announce that the first book in my new series, Myth Bane is now published and available on Amazon. You can get it by clicking here!

I really enjoyed writing this novel and I’m sure it shows. And while it’s definitely a different beast from The Order of Shadows series, and the dark path of Morgan Rook, the story bears more than a few hallmarks of those novels; dark fantasy, magic, occult horror, mythical creatures, other worlds.
So if you enjoyed Dark City, there’s a high likeliehood you’re going to love The Waking Legends!

Here’s the blurb and you can also read a sample of the book below.

Waking legends. Ancient magic. A myth in the making.

Something ancient is stirring in England, something lost, something cursed. Something that’s beginning to remember what it is. The Myth Bane.

Will Rose is haunted by dreams. Haunted by a forest that cannot be. Haunted by the sudden mysterious death of his father, and a foe both brutal and cunning.

When Will is forced to flee London for the strange, secretive Yorkshire village of Middlewytch Crake he believes he’s escaped the merciless entity pursuing him.
But soon he finds himself on the frontline, plunged into a shadowy world where mythical creatures from dark, ancient faery tales roam free.

Can Will wrestle back his own demons in time to thwart the one sent to slay him? Can he vanquish the Myth Bane before it finds its throne and seals the fate of two worlds?

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