Midnight Falls by Kit Hallows

Today I’m very pleased to announce that Midnight Falls, Book Two of ‘The Order of Shadows’ series is almost here!
As of the time of writing, the book is with my copy editor, and is about to go out to my beta readers (you can sign up here if you’d like to become one).
Which means I’m no more than two weeks away from publication!

Writing Midnight Falls was a lot of fun, the book turned out to be longer than Dark City and and Morgan Rook is really put through his paces. There’s lots of twists and turns in this novel.

Here’s the blurb for Midnight Falls and my next post will be with details of the publication date!

Hidden Memories. Rising Truths. Old Demons and New. Welcome to Copperwood Falls.

The dust has barely settled after the explosive events in the asylum outside the dark city, and Agent Morgan Rook needs a vacation.
What he gets instead is a bad trip down the wrong side of memory lane before being plunged into a sleepy rural town with a darkly sinister secret.

Copperwood Falls, a town as picturesque and wholesome as cherry pie. Twin falls, sun dappled hollows and a deep twisted forest to hide the skeletons.
A place where the shadows are restless and nothing is as it seems.
As the nefarious truth of Copperwood Falls comes to light Morgan becomes embroiled in a fiendish game with the deck wildly stacked against him.
Soon Morgan finds himself battling a vicious cartel and settling old scores. But can he defeat the hordes of enemies outside, as well as the dark stranger hiding within?

Midnight Falls is the second Morgan Rook novel in the Urban Fantasy ‘Order of Shadows’ series.
If you like fast-paced thrillers swarming with sinister secrets, brooding horror, wild magic and wicked games, then you’ll love this series.

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