Ender of Worlds by Kit Hallows

Things are hotting up in The Order of Shadows series now that the Ender of Worlds has arrived to turn Morgan’s already perilous world upon its head…

Here it is, Book Four, Ender of Worlds! This latest entry in The Order of Shadows series is easily the darkest yet. Winter is here, and there’s vampires, zombies (or the restless for long time readers), creepy demons, a magical trip into another world as well as a huge action-packed adventure!
Here’s the blurb:

A Devastating Plan. The Undead Rising. Worlds Ending.

I’d barely had time to recover from Elsbeth Wyght’s vicious game when the call from Detective Haskins came. This time a bank robbery with a difference… and of course nothing as it seemed.
With this turn of events I found myself thrust onto a shadowy trail that would lead me back to the asylum of my deepest nightmares and a desperate hunt for the truth amid a growing, cataclysmic danger.

Add to the mix an engineered virus threatening to turn half the city to zombies, a trip into a world straight out of a Grimm’s fairy tale, and a vicious, demonic conspiracy that would make the Silver Spiral’s plans seem like a cakewalk.
And always, just below the surface, my dark other. Stirring, plotting, waiting.
But for what?

Now, as the dead of winter looms, the vampires and demons of the Dark City are growing more restless than ever as they wait for the Shade to return. The evil force that brought hell to my city. The Shadow in the mirror.
The Ender of Worlds.

Now book four is published, I’m yet again returning to my lair to begin writing book five, the final entry in The Order of Shadows series, but not the last outing for Morgan Rook. I have new plans for Morgan, but first a brand series across the pond.

If you want to know when book five is ready and receive an exclusive Morgan Rook story called Dark Covenant (formerly titled How To Kill A Witch), you can sign up here:

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