Paperback copies of the Urban Fantasy novel Dark City
Somehow December seems to have crept up on me. There I was, head down busy writing Dark Soul, the sequel to Dark City, and when I looked up I found Jack Frost peering in through the window.
Time flies when writing about Morgan Rook…

The Giveaway

So Dark City is now in print! It feels very strange to actually be able to hold up the book when it was merely a jumble of ideas less than a year ago.
If you’d like a physical copy then you can order the book here. And if you’d like to win a free copy, click on the link below:


The Lost Chapters & Dark Soul

In further news, the free short story/Lost chapters from Dark City is almost finished, so all newsletter subscribers will get a copy soon. To sign up for the newsletter, simply click here and get a free copy of my short story How To Kill A Witch while you’re at it!

Finally the sequel to Dark City, tentatively called Dark Soul, is over halfway written. I’m really excited about this book and hope you will be too. You’re going to get a chance to see more of Morgan’s dark past in this novel, and there’s some horrible villains.
One of whom scared the living daylights out of me 🙂

Okay, back to the writing & good luck with the giveaway!
Until next time,

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