The opening line from book three of The Order of Shadows (coming soon)

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So there you have the first line of the brand new Morgan Rook novel, and it starts with a fast paced adventure on the rooftops and a dark, ominous threat.
I don’t want to give any spoilers but suffice to say Morgan’s on a mission, and someone’s going to pay.
Big time. And if you’ve read Midnight Falls then you’ll probably have a very good idea who that someone’s going to be… Yes, this book’s going to be a bitter fight to the death.

Anyway, the cover’s completed (and it looks amazing!), the book’s being edited, and I’m writing like a madman so I can publish in June.
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As well as writing tales of dark urban fantasy, I also love tinkering with photos – so please feel free to come and say hi on Instagram.

Okay, back to the novel. There’s a terrifying new game about to played in June…

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